Cloud GPU providers comparison


There are plenty of cloud GPU offers from many providers. To help you compare some offers from major providers this post provides you with interactive graphs and a details table with significant parameters of cloud GPU offers, such as cost*, GPU and CPU performance**, memory etc.

Please find my article on our STAIR laboratory web site about why I created these graphs and how to use them.

The “filter” charts below provide statistical information about offers distribution by some parameters, such as how many offers each provider has. These charts can also be used for filtering offers. Click on a value in any of the graphs to filter out offers with different values. You can select multiple values. All figures and the table below will show data only for the selected offers.

Please note, that only offers with at least one GPU are mentioned on this page. Some providers, like Google and Amazon, have too many offers to show them all here, so I picked up only some representative ones.

Filter offers in all graphs below using these charts

Number of offers by GPU model
Number of GPUs
Total GPU performance (TFlops)
Memory (GB)
Total CPU performance (TFlops)
Number of offers by Providers

The graph below shows the theoretical peak CPU and GPU performance** in TFlops for each offer. Hover over offers to display information below the graph. More detailed information can be found in the table at the bottom of the page. Drag across the chart to zoom in. Click on the legend to filter out offers by a provider.


The below graph shows the rent cost for a period. The X-axis is the rent period, the Y-axis is the rent cost.

All offers are charged in time units: minutes, hours, weeks, months or years. That is why some lines on the graph have steps.

Click on the graph to select the rental period. All charts below will change to display data for the selected period. You can also set the period with the buttons below. Drag across the graph to zoom in. Click on the legend to filter offers by a provider.


Set rent period for below graphs

1 day
1 week
1 month
3 month
6 months
9 month
1 year

The below graph shows total costs if rented for given period.


The below graph shows per month costs if rented for .

The below graph shows the cost per 1 TFlops of GPU and CPU performance for the selected rental period in logarithmic scale. To change the rental period, use the buttons above or click on the “cost for rent period” graph.


Detailed information for selected offers


* All prices do not include taxes. All sums are in USD. Offers based on other currencies are converted using today's rates from European Central Bank:

** Performance data shows single precision Flops for GPUs and single precision Flops for CPUs. Beware that performance data are theoretical peak values and actual performance will be lower and may vary greatly between applications.

Even more graphs: compare calculation time and cost for a fixed amount of calculations.